The Sims 21 Years Later: An Alternate Universe

Click on the worlds that are bold-faced to go to their page, which includes history, lots and households, and pictures. (I’ll be adding more worlds pages in the future.)


A large continent of varying weather and topographical features, SimNation includes these worlds from Northeast to West:

Granite Falls
Brindleton Bay
Willow Creek
Magnolia Promenade
Evergreen Harbor
San Myshuno
Del Sol Valley
Oasis Springs

The Old Country

Made famous by Princess Cordelia, the continent known as The Old Country is about half the size of SimNation. Windenburg, the largest inhabited world lies in the southern portion of the Old Country. The rural village of Henford-on-Bagleylarge island is off the northwestern coast. Tucked in the middle of the continent are the towns of Forgotten Hollow and Glimmerbrook.

Mt. Komorebi

Mt. Komorebi is located west of SimNation and is surrounded on all sides by water.


The island chain of Sulani is almost due south of SimNation


South-southeast of Willow Creek is the large continent of Selvadorada.

Transportation in SimNation and Beyond